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Real Estate

The often complex real-estate projects that the firm advises on are followed from the initial permitting process and due diligence, through the development phases and the financing of the operation, up to the opening to the public and the day to day management of the buildings.

The members of the real estate department have also taken part in numerous securitization operations in relation to both public administrations, real-estate funds and local authorities.

The firm has also advised the Lazio region in the establishment of a real-estate fund and the subsequent securitization of it.

The firm also assists foreign real-estate funds in the acquisition of shopping malls and retail parks and other large real-estate developments. For these clients the firm has drafted and negotiated complex joint venture and forward funding agreements for the development and management of retail parks with leading, Italian and multinational, construction and property management companies.

The firm has acquired specific expertise in the building, town and country planning sector; in particular members of LEGALIS have drafted many development masterplans, and technical implementing regulations of planning laws. This experience has led to the publication of a series of articles in various legal journals and books on planning law matters.