Summary: Learn how to fit an outside tap, install a branch pipe, extend the branch outside and attach a tap.

Before commencing work you must notify your water company, as the installation of an outdoor tap will result in an increase in your water rates. A double check-valve must be fitted as close to the tap as possible to prevent the risk of back-siphonage. If the tap will be fitted close to any outside wall ensure the tap has an angled head to prevent grazed knuckles whenever you turn it on and off. One Way Check Valve

Fitting an outside tap -

This project looks at installing an outdoor tap using a copper pipe running off a 15mm (3/5in) rising main, which enters the house through the kitchen and connects to the kitchen taps.

It is advisable to fit a stop tap to the branch pipe running from the rising main, in order to turn off the water and drain the branch pipe for the winter. This will also allow you to complete the installation in two phases.

Fitting an outside tap -

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