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Getting up in the morning is often a rude awakening (just 15 more minutes of sleep, please!) but it's even worse when you get out of bed with a sore neck. If that's a common occurrence, chances are your pillows are too flat and need to be replaced. Luckily, Walmart is here to help. Right now, the retail giant is offering the popular Serta Sertapedic No Go Flat Bed Pillow for just $9! Polyester Staple Fiber

Who knew you could get a popular pillow for just $9 at Walmart?

In general, it's important for a pillow to support the natural alignment of your body, Nicole Nagle, DPT, an assistant professor in the department of kinesiology and health at Rutgers University, tells Yahoo Life. "As you lie on a pillow, you want to make sure that it is supporting not only your head but your neck as well," she says.

No matter which sleep position you prefer, you'll want to have what's called a "neutral spine," which means your head isn't positioned too far forward or back — it's where it should be. As for the firmness and material of your pillow, these should be a "personal preference," Nagle says.

The Sertapedic No Go Flat Pillow is made of a cotton and polyester blend and has a foam core covered in polyester fiber fill for a supportive-yet-cozy feel. It's specially designed for back and side sleepers and, as the name implies, will keep its shape.

"It really does not go flat," said a five-star reviewer. "I was pushing on it and, as soon as I removed my hand, it regained its form. Same thing with when you [lie] on it. As soon as you lift your head, it goes immediately back into shape without any indentations or flattening. It is a comfortable pillow to sleep on and is very well made."

A fellow fan said they were "surprised" at how the pillow stayed plump "but did not have my neck in some weird position that would leave me paralyzed in the morning." They added, "When I got up to go to the bathroom and then came back to bed, the pillow was still plump. No fluffing and flipping anymore! This pillow has solved a long-time problem for me."

Worth noting: This bestselling pillow is hypoallergenic to help prevent you from waking up stuffy. And, again, it's just $9!

Who knew you could get a popular pillow for just $9 at Walmart?

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