Tunable Laser: 2um Broadband PM Fibre Laser

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to offer the TENOR-2000 from Cybel which is a wavelength tunable PM fibre laser. It has a broadband wavelength tuning range of 1900 to 2050 nm and is available with >1 W output power.

The signal wavelength has a spectral width of 0.05 nm over a continuous 150 nm tunable wavelength range with an optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) of > 50 dB. The isolated output power is delivered via a single mode PM fibre with polarisation extinction ratio (PER) of >20 dB. The output power is scalable to more than 5 W of single transverse mode and this unit is housed in a 19 inch benchtop designed with either a manual control of the wavelength tuning or via a USB computer interface. For smaller package requirements there is an OEM unit available. Fiber Optic Distribution Unit

Tunable Laser: 2um Broadband PM Fibre Laser

This tunable laser is available in other custom wavelengths within the 2 µm window and with output power 50 mW to 5 W with single frequency operation, it also features a <0.05 nm linewidth. It comes with either standard or ALL-PM versions and has the option for an optical output tap if required.


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Tunable Laser: 2um Broadband PM Fibre Laser

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