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If you love the idea of homemade ice cream but can't commit to a Ninja Creami, you'll want to try this recipe, stat. Not only does it yield the perfect amount of ice cream for one person (i.e., you), but it can also be made with a simple electric hand mixer. In other words, you don't need to invest in a fancy ice-cream maker to get started. Perfect for those of us without another inch of counter space to spare.

The recipe, which was initially shared on TikTok by @buttermilkbysam in a video that's since gained 2.7 million likes, is super easy. All you need to do is combine the base ingredients in a mason jar, beat everything together, then fold in additions like chopped nuts, fruit, or chunks of brownies. Once frozen, the mixture will magically transform into a delicious batch of homemade ice cream. Yum. Empty Perfume Bottles

Mason-Jar Ice Cream Recipe | POPSUGAR Food

There are endless ways to customize this frozen dessert. For example, if you want to amp up the sweetness, add more sugar or sweetened condensed milk. If you prefer chunkier ice cream, toss in extra chocolate candies or nuts. What's more, thanks to the small-batch nature of this recipe, it's ideal for using up leftover ingredients or experimenting with new flavor combos.

And while it's perfectly suited for a single serving of ice cream, it's easy enough that you can make a dozen or more jars at a time, making it an amazing recipe for summer entertaining. Guests will be impressed by the DIY factor and charmed by the cute mason-jar presentation.

In this trial run, I decided to create three different flavors of mason-jar ice cream: cookies and cream, chocolate Nutella, and strawberry cheesecake. First up is cookies and cream, which features a generous helping of crushed Oreos.

To make the chocolate Nutella version, I used Nutella, chunks of brownies, and chopped walnuts.

For the strawberry-cheesecake version, I added strawberry puree, diced strawberries, crushed graham crackers, and white-chocolate chips.

I can tell you that all three of these flavors are delicious. Keep reading to learn how to make them yourself.

Adapted from TikTok creator @buttermilkbysam

To customize your mason-jar ice cream, add any liquid or cream ingredients (like extracts or nut butter) to the jar along with the base ingredients. For solid mix-ins like chopped fruit, nuts, or candies, fold them in just before freezing. Make sure to leave a 1-inch gap (or more) at the top to allow the mixture to expand. You can also top the jar with a silicone lid, then switch to a metal ring lid as the ice cream hardens, after 1 or 2 hours.

Remember too that the exact amount of ice cream made from one batch will depend on your additional ingredients. For example, if you add strawberry puree, the final volume will be more than an ice cream that only has crushed cookies. Consider omitting the added sugar if you are using very sweet add-ins, such as Nutella.

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Mason-Jar Ice Cream Recipe | POPSUGAR Food

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