10 Rug Pads to Shop Now

Extend the lifespan of your floors and carpet with these rug pads you can shop now.

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10 Rug Pads to Shop Now

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If you recently purchased a new rug, we recommend also buying a pad to go underneath it. These felt or latex pads are designed to go under your carpets to help protect your floors from damage, minimize rug wear, absorb noise, and keep your rug rooted in place so you don't slip. Plus, some of the thicker rug pads make walking on your rug a cushioned dream.

The type of pad you buy will depend on your rug's thickness and your flooring type. If you have a slippery wood or laminate floor, it's important to choose a rug pad that will provide a good amount of grip. If you have a very thin rug, you won't want a thick pad because it could elevate the rug and cause people to trip. Generally, the rug pad should be about an inch shorter than the area rug from all sides.

Whatever your rug pad needs or desires, this list has you covered.

This affordable rug pad has a non-slip pad with a low profile, so it's perfect to go under rugs that you don't want to raise too far off the ground. The non-slip backing will keep your rug in place and avoid potential slips and falls.

One side of this rug pad is a plush felt, while the other side has non-slip latex to keep it rooted in place on your floor. The quarter-inch thickness helps reduce furniture dents—essential for area rugs that are often anchored with couches, chairs, and tables. The pad is also thin enough to prevent any edge lifting that would become a tripping hazard.

For homes with hardwood flooring, you'll want to choose a rug pad that keeps the carpet in place without sticking to your floors and making it impossible to remove. This non-slip pad fits the bill. It's affordable and can cover large areas or be cut down to fit a smaller rug. In addition to being a great option for hardwood, it also works well on tile, laminate, and vinyl, keeping slippery rugs in place as you walk, vacuum, exercise, and more.

For anyone who wants added cushion under their rugs, this 100 percent felt pad comes in a 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2-inch thickness. This pad works best for heavy rugs or area rugs that are anchored by furniture, since the felt pad doesn't provide a ton of non-slip action on its own.

The Mohawk brand is a standout favorite when it comes to rug pads. This 1/8-inch lightweight option is perfect for thin rugs you don't want to raise off the floor too high. It's slip-resistant and can be used on all flooring surfaces.

At 1/2 inch, this pad is super-cushioned and feels great under thick carpets. It's also water-resistant to protect your floors from pet messes or accidental spills. Plus, it can be cut at home to fit any size rug.

This highly-rated rug pad is known for its strong dual grip that keeps rugs firmly in place. It's available in the most popular rug sizes for easy installation, but it can easily be trimmed with scissors for rugs in unique sizes and shapes.

This rug pad's non-slip material is perfect for keeping carpets in place on slippery laminate floors. The open-weave construction also allows for easy vacuuming and helps prevent a buildup of dust and odors.

If you're putting a rug on top of carpet, this pad will protect the carpet underneath while providing a non-slip surface for the rug. Both sides of this pad feature a non-woven polyester textile coating and a dry acrylic adhesive for maximum gripping power.

For outdoor rugs, it's best to go with an open-weave pad made of a plastic material so you can prevent mold and mildew, and it will hold up through the elements. This one is crafted from a blend of polyester and latex and is weather-proof and water-proof.

10 Rug Pads to Shop Now

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