The Submarine Natural Gas Hoses For Mozambique Are Working Overtime - Digital Journal

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Going into the production workshop, you will see the workers are busy to produce in the 13-meter production line. and a batch submarine natural gas hoses are gearing up to be produced. Marine Water Pump Hose

The Submarine Natural Gas Hoses For Mozambique Are Working Overtime - Digital Journal

The quantity of this batch pipeline deliveried to Mozambique is 12 pieces. Among them, there are 8 pieces mainline natural gas hoses and 4 pieces one end reinforced hoses. which will need about 24 hours  of continuous operation.

Although the production is busy, the production of worker is sleek.  every production process and quality inspection are being carried out in order. it is the hottest time of the year, the workers produced overtime in the hot workshop to rush to produce this batch of products for customers. Our workers have worked hard, and praised Zebung’s front-line workers!

After the production is finished, the hoses will be transferred to the quality inspection department. Quality control personnel subjected the new products to rigorous testing for each performance. Only testing is qualified, the hose can be packing and deliveried to customer.

This batch submarine natural gas hoses will be finished in Mid-Auguest. And the hoses will be deliveried to Mozambique after finished to services for client’s project.

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Marine floating LPG hoses are ready to send to Indonesia

After the National Day, on the first working day, our Zebung factory was busy. Products sent to many places at home and abroad are being loaded. Among them, the marine floating hose ordered by Indonesian customers is the most eye-catching.

There are 10 pieces floating hose sent to Indonesia in this batch, which are used to transport LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) at the port. This batch of products is fully customized according to the customer’s performance requirements, and they are is independently developed by Zebung with complete intellectual property rights.

After the floating hoses were finished, they would be immediately transferred to the quality inspection workshop. After a series of stringent quality inspections, the results fully meet the customer’s performance requirements.

The series marine hose independently developed by Zebung such as floating oil hose, floating LPG hose, submarine oil hose, submarine LPG hose, ship to ship hose, and dock oil hose, have passed BV certification and ISO9001 international quality system certification, and have been exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other countries and regions, and the same our zebung and our hose quality have been well received by customers.

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The Submarine Natural Gas Hoses For Mozambique Are Working Overtime - Digital Journal

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