11 Best AirTag Wallets in 2024 for Tracking Cash and Cards

Drop what you currently have and grab one of these cool trackable wallets.

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11 Best AirTag Wallets in 2024 for Tracking Cash and Cards

IF YOU NEVER want to have to worry about losing track of your cash or cards again, then you need to get an AirTag wallet. An AirTag wallet is a new type of minimalist wallet that (quite literally) combines an Apple AirTag with a wallet. With an AirTag wallet, you can track the location of your most prized possessions via Bluetooth, thus avoiding common scenarios like losing your wallet at the airport or between the cushions of an extra-deep sofa. It's the perfect solution for the guy who misplaces his belongings several times in any given week.

For over two years now, the Men's Health writers and editors have tested well over 40 AirTag wallets to find the styles with the best look, feel, and function. We currently recommend 12 AirTag wallets that are worth your money in 2024, with models curated for all types of cash and card-carrying preferences in mind. Our best AirTag wallet overall is the Ridge Wallet with AirTag Solution, thanks to its familiar card holder design, streamlined silhouette, and lifetime warranty. Keep scrolling to see the rest of the list and to learn about what to look for when trying to find the best AirTag wallet for you.

To navigate using your AirTag wallet, just grab your iPhone, launch the Find My app, and you'll see the map where your valuables are located in real-time. You can even tap on the icon of the AirTag you're looking for and ask for it to ping its sound. Your iPhone can store up to four separate AirTags, and you can name each AirTag and give them a custom emoji icon for each (like a backpack for your computer bag and a cash emoji for your wallet).

Thankfully, there are hundreds of wallet makers with purpose-built AirTag wallets that provide a dedicated holder for your own Apple AirTag. These wallets are deceptively simple, but there are subtle differences. We comp-shopped and tested dozens of the best-reviewed and most popular gadgets to find the best AirTag wallets to buy in 2024.

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For our money, The Ridge makes the best rugged card holders money can buy. Instead of building a dedicated AirTag wallet, The Ridge took a more creative approach and designed a universal AirTag Solution that will attach to any Ridge Wallet. We found the ultimate pairing to be the Carbon Fiber AirTag Solution with the Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet: it's a sleek pairing that's going to hide the AirTag in plain sight.

The combination of steel and carbon fiber on this complete wallet makes this pairing the lightest, strongest, and most durable AirTag wallet we've tested. Like the Ridge Wallet, the AirTag Solution has RFID-blocking tech inside to help prevent theft.

We love that Ridge offers a generous 45-day return window and a lifetime warranty to boot. The bad news? At $180 (you pay an extra $40 for the AirTag attachment), it’s the priciest AirTag wallet on this list. With that being said, you are getting the one of the best card holders and pairing it with a secret AirTag holder. The quality materials combined with a cool rugged look make these a must-buy for anyone who wants to be secretive about their tracking capabilities while still having a dependable wallet.

One helpful tip: Make sure to add the AirTag Solution to your wallet before adding to cart. You can find the attachment under "Smart Add Ons" when you are navigating the product page.

What do buyers say? "This clip/AirTag accessory for the Ridge Wallet is exactly what I expected. Quality from Ridge, and the AirTag from Apple fits perfectly. Everything functions as it should," said one The Ridge reviewer.

For those looking to modify their current wallet with AirTag tracking, the TagVault insert is the perfect solution. I was surprised to see you get two TagVault inserts for under $15. You can easily slide these into a cash pocket or behind an ID holder on your bifold wallet. The insert also works great at tossing in a bag or suitcase, as they are much easier to grab and locate than just the single disc floating around by itself.

Flexible, thin as a pencil, and available for a great price, the TagVault's can turn your wallet into an AirTag wallet, and then be used on-the-fly for a number of applications when needed.

What do other buyers say? "Super easy to get the air tag in and secure and I have many of these and the air tag has never moved. It is thinner than the air tag and made of a material that holds it in place," said one reviewer.

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The WXM Wallet is a seriously tough wallet that holds an impressive 15 cards and features a rugged plate to secure an AirTag in place. The wallet is a lot like the one from TARS., where it comes in a kit with a mini screwdriver and an extra set of screws. You only need four screws here though to lock in the separate plate that holds the AirTag to the wallet, so there's a lot less tinkering that's happening. And like just mentioned, the beauty of this wallet is the plate that holds the AirTag is detachable, so you don't always have to have the tracker on your wallet if you want to toss your device in or on something else.

The wallet itself is made from ultra-strong materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, so you won't have to worry about it ever getting dinged up. It definitely is of the same quality as the best-rugged card holders you see on the market. I could also tell the company was smart in adding features like a low-profile money clip and a C-shaped card access opening to pop out your cards when you need them.

If you want to keep things tactical, without going over $50, this military-grade AirTag wallet is a fun choice. It's a little bit bigger than the TARS. wallet, so it's going to bulge out a bit more in your pockets. The wallet is incredibly tough too, so it's possible it starts getting uncomfortable if you're sitting on the wallet in your back pocket for more than in hour. Nevertheless, the WXM makes for great use for guys who are frequenting job sites or doing some sort of manual labor in their career.

What do other buyers say? "I recently acquired some AirTags and thought that a money clip that would hold one of these would be handy. This clip wallet is the closest to what I expected and exceeds that expectation," says one Amazon reviewer. "It is light but made with durable materials and holds the AirTag quite nicely."

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Cardholders with a slide action function are gaining more and more popularity as brands perfect their tech. The fun design allows a user easily access to cards without having to dig or pry them out of any pockets, all while keeping your wallet slim and minimal (see our personal favorite, the Groove Wallet, if you want a minimalist slide action wallet without AirTag function).

I found a leather trifold wallet from Typecase stores up to 10 cards and well over 10 bills when testing. It features a secure snap-on attachment for an AirTag that's easy to install on the front, and on the side is the spring-loaded trigger that activates the card slide action to pop out the five to six cards that can be stored in the holder.

The only qualm I had about this wallet is the spring loader could be stronger, as I believe it could get jammed after long-term use. The wallet itself is also thick and really is a back-pocket kind of wallet only. But when you consider this wallet is under $40, I think it's definitely a fun try for anyone who likes to carry a lot of cards and who wants to have a slide action function for quick access to the cards they use the most. Excellent use of storage here.

What do other buyers say? "I absolutely love the lever that raises my credit cards so that I can easily grab the one I need. I've already used the ID holder by just opening it up for the attendant." said one reviewer.

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If you like to carry a long wallet—like in your suit or coat pocket—then this fine leather AirTag wallet from Ekster will appeal to you. It quickly established itself as one of the finest AirTag wallets I tested, with a money clip and a storage capacity of up to 12 cards. The wallet also includes a slide action holder, which fits about six of my cards inside with ease.

To insert the AirTag, all you have to do is fold open the pouch that sits behind the front of the wallet and then place the AirTag inside. The pocket is tight and will secure the AirTag well enough, and really it sits much slimmer to the wallet face than I anticipated.

I love how refined this wallet looks, so if you want something more business-forward (and not so much rugged and tech-y) then I'd definitely go with this pick. The quality materials lead me to believe this wallet would have a long lifespan too before needing replacement.

What do other buyers say? "I wasn’t sure I’d like the smaller, compact wallet, but the quality and practicality of it has convinced me. Also, the leather is high quality and looks very professional," said one reviewer.

For the gentleman who likes to carry a bit more or prefers a traditional bifold wallet design, there’s the Typecase’s Stealth Mode Bifold AirTag Wallet. With a 10-card capacity and room for cash, I noticed it's one of the roomiest AirTag wallets we found. That roominess also translates to a bulkier footprint that’s not as streamlined or front pocket-friendly as others on this list, but still, it holds into a back pocket or coat pocket like a traditional bifold does.

I love the black, pebbled leather color of this wallet, and I believe the brown would look just as good. The wallet itself is waterproof and comes with RFID-blocking capability, and inside when you open up the wallet you have a tiny button-clasp holder that the AirTag can slide into.

At under $30, it’s one of the best-priced AirTag wallets we found, making it my favorite pick for dudes who rock bifold wallets.

What do other buyers say? "Super easy to get the air tag in and secure and I have many of these and the air tag has never moved. It is thinner than the air tag and made of a material that holds it in place," said one reviewer.

Brown leather AirTag wallets are hard to pin down, and a big reason why is that the material quality is just not up to standard. That's why I was stoked to see how good the material was on this Lorzor wallet in the full-grain leather option. It's lush and supple, and it has a deep brown color that looks great in natural lighting.

In many ways, this wallet promises the same type of carry as the Typecase Bifold, so anticipate it to be thick when loaded up with your cards and cash. The AirTag is secured via a button-clasp, but the holder is in the cash pocket and deep down in the corner, so those with thick fingers might have trouble getting that AirTag positioned just how you like it for a moment.

A final note I have is the leather is prone to showing wear marks, but to me, that's a testament to the quality. If you don't want something that shows wear marks, turn back and choose a black wallet. But if you don't mind a little bit of character, then this wallet is a solid choice for the timeless look a good brown leather wallet can achieve.

What do other buyers say? "The wallet is made out of quality materials and is soft to the touch. It has plenty of room for cards and cash as well," said one reviewer.

Out of all the AirTag wallets I tested, I was most impressed with this aluminum one. For starters, the wallet is hard as a rock, resembling the type of construction the best-rugged card holders on the market have. It's also incredibly compact, just three by two inches, and slim as slim can be when accommodating an AirTag. I mean, you can barely notice the device once it's in place. As for the card capacity, they fit down vertically into the holder, and I was able to get at least get my six go-to cards secured. The elastic is tight though, so if you like to carry more than 9-10 cards then I'd say turn back to the Spigen AirTag Wallet S.

Where this wallet shines the brightest though is on its strong and slim design. The AirTag on the front is connected via a screwed-in plate, and the plate is legit metal too so you don't have to worry about it popping off or getting cracked.

With the wallet comes its own screwdriver and a backup set of screws too, so you are provided the tools to take off the plate and put it back on. Now, the screws are quite small, so you might need to squint your eyes to position them on the magnetic end of the screwdriver. Once you have the plate secured on you, won't have to pop it off for at least a year (Apple notes that AirTags are designed to last for more than a year). This is an awesome rugged and minimalist wallet that makes for fun gifting.

What do other buyers say? "I was REALLY surprised by how much I value this super compact highly durable and easy-to-find wallet. Didn’t expect to find that it holds my cards SO MUCH more securely and I LOVE THAT!" said one reviewer.

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I wasn't sure what I'd be getting when I opened up the TRAVANDO AirTag Wallet, but after taking a closer look this is definitely one of the most underrated AirTag wallets you can buy right now. The Black & Chess model has a textured and grippy surface that feels luxe in hand and stays put on whatever surface you place it on. The wallet has the potential to store a ton, all while keeping the same level of thickness as the Typecase Bifold I spoke about earlier. We're talking at least 10 cards with an ID holder on the inside.

This wallet even has a stainless steel money clip on the interior, which I thought was a great touch added by the brand. And as far as placing the AirTag into the front of the wallet, the process was painless and I'm confident the pocket will keep the tracker secured in place for most of the time; but due to the opening not having much reinforcement, it's possible the AirTag could pop out of place.

I definitely recommend this wallet if you're looking for something appropriate to carry in business and professional settings. In fact, this could become your new wallet to carry when you travel for work.

What do other buyers say? "I appreciate how the wallet securely holds my cards and cash, while the money clip adds a practical touch for easy access to bills," said one reviewer.

Hawanik’s Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet ticks all the essential boxes for a great AirTag wallet. At roughly 0.12 inches thin, the ultra-slim design is front pocket-friendly and expands to hold up to five credit cards, an ID card (with a see-through pocket), six folded banknotes, and, of course, an Apple AirTag. It’s available in a dozen colors from traditional (like Brown and Black) to modern (Red and Pink Champagne).

My minor quibble is the faux leather was more flimsy than I anticipated when I started adding my cards and cash inside. The stitching seemed strong though, so I would not rush and say the wallet is prone to breaking apart. But, at around $13, it’s hard to complain. Plus, a genuine leather option is available for those looking for a more premium alternative that is willing to pay about $10-$15 more.

What do other buyers say? "For the price point, the quality is unbeatable. Fits the few cards I need on the daily and doesn’t hurt to sit on even with AirTag," said one reviewer.

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The Ekster Cardholder was fun to me in the way you can remove the rubber AirTag holder and use the wallet standalone whenever you want. It's barebones in what it holds, keeping about six cards in the slide action holder and one to two on the back, with at least a few bills pinned under the rubber piece.

It was interesting to me how the AirTag only sits up against the wallet body to keep itself in place. I found the design note to make the AirTag itself prone to shifting and sliding around, which could be annoying if the rubber attachment starts getting looser over time. But this was a very cool slide action wallet to test, and so I'd recommend it alone based on the sleek style and versatility of it being able to become a regular wallet whenever you don't want the AirTag attached.

If you want an AirTag wallet that's big on keeping the tracker secured though, I'd recommend looking back at the screwed-in options like the TARS. and WXM wallets.

What do other buyers say? "I love this wallet. It is considerably smaller than my previous one and I love the button that pops all my cards up," said one reviewer.

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In order to keep up with new innovations and releases, the Men's Health tech and gear team is constantly testing all of the latest everyday carry accessories to make sure our recommendations reflect the top products within each space. For over a year we've been testing wallets that can hold an Apple AirTag, taking the wallets into real-world environments where our belongings can easily be misplaced—like working out at the gym, traveling through the airport, and spending a day in the city. Overall, we took each wallet out into as many environments as possible to see what strengths and weaknesses might be revealed.

Lastly, our MH tech and gear reviewers use their expert knowledge of specific materials and technology used in each AirTag wallet, noting which ones will likely hold up best over time and which ones have materials that cause concern.

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Pictured left: In-hand view of the Typecase Mens Wallet Card Holder for AirTag to show what a slide action wallet looks like. Pictured right: Open view of the Spigen AirTag Wallet S to show how the AirTag is secured via its clip-on plastic plate.

A number of Men's Health editors and writers, including our Senior Gear and Commerce Editor, John Thompson, thoroughly researched and tested dozens of the best AirTag wallets on the market right now. We evaluated AirTag wallets of all different price points and wallet types so we could capture the entire AirTag wallet landscape in one simple buying guide. When choosing the best AirTag wallets, we focused on quality like design, materials, capacity, and security.

We also noted special features of each wallet, highlighting AirTag wallets that had excellent security when it came to keeping the AirTag device attached to the wallet, to AirTag wallets that kept a slim silhouette while also providing a durable build.

The list above represents our honest picks for the best AirTag wallets of 2024.

If you're looking for an AirTag wallet to match the type of wallet you currently own, then we have specific recommendations for each. But before we break down wallet types, it's worth reiterating our favorite AirTag wallet of them is still the Speigen AirTag Wallet S due to its excellent combination of affordability, functionality, and minimalist design.

Bifold AirTag Wallets: The Typecase Stealth Mode Bifold is going to be your most traditional bifold design that accommodates an AirTag. It's made of quality cowhide leather and holds 12 cards and a solid amount of cash. When you open the wallet, the left side has a slim pocket where you can slide the AirTag into the corner. The pocket is tight, so the AirTag doesn't shift around, and there aren't any cards that can be stacked underneath so the bulge is kept to a minimum.

Card Holder AirTag Wallets: If you want a card holder that's more elevated, then the Walldo Leather Card Holder is our best recommendation. It's a little expensive, but you're getting high-grade leather and an ultra-slim design that keeps the AirTag hidden down quite well. It fits 6 cards total, so you're going to want to go lean on the cards. There's zero cash pocket, which seems to be the tradeoff for why the AirTag hardly sticks out in the center.

If you want a card holder that's built for capacity, then the WXM Wallet is a better choice. It holds up to 15 cards, has a cash pocket, and is made with a frame that's easy to slide the cards in and out of. It's a bit bigger in size than you might be used to, so be prepared for it to take up more space in your jacket or pant pockets.

Slide Action AirTag Wallets: There are two types of slide action wallets on this list above. The best slide-action AirTag wallet that contains more space is the Typecase Men's Wallet Card Holder. The trifold wallet neatly fits 6-7 cards in the aluminum slide action holder, plus 3 cards on the outside of the wallet and a ton of cash.

The Ekster Cardholer Wallet holds a little bit less than the Typecase when it comes to capacity, but we found the leather to be a bit better quality. The slide action works just as well on the Anovus as the Typecase, but both are prone to getting damaged due to the lever on the side not being as strong as we'd like.

Slim AirTag Wallets: If you're looking for the thinnest AirTag wallet, the TARS. AirTag Wallet, the Walldo Leather Card Holder, and the Spigen AirTag Wallet S are going to be your best options. Each holds all the necessary cards you'd need on any given day and can fit in your front and back pocket with ease. We also can't forget to mention the ElevationLabs TagVault inserts, which are the thinnest AirTag holder by far that can be placed inside a traditional bifold wallet.

Four different top views of AirTag wallets illustrate how thick each one look with cards inside. Pictured from top left and moving clockwise: the TARS. AirTag Wallet, the Spigen AirTag Wallet S, the Walldo Slim Premium Wallet, and the Elevation Lab TagVault.

Tactical and rugged-inspired wallets are on the rage these days, and most are made with a card holder build and designed with strong materials. For most of us, a strong wallet might not be a huge priority, but for those of us who might have careers where we have to traverse job sites or natural landscapes, a wallet that can take a beating can go a long way.

The TARS. AirTag Wallet is going to be your strongest, most durable wallet out of these picks. The wallet is made from aluminum and the AirTag is held in place via screws in eight different locations. Talk about lock-tight security.

The only other wallet on this list that competes with the TARS. AirTag Wallet is the WXM Wallet. Its carbon-fiber and aluminum build score high marks in terms of materials, but the exposed AirTag attachment could theoretically be busted off against a ledge if someone wanted to try and break away the AirTag from the wallet. With the TARS. AirTag Wallet, you're at least guaranteed that the AirTag won't be coming off unless someone takes the time to apply a mini screwdriver to it and remove all eight screws.

Pictured: An opened view of the TARS. AirTag Wallet with the eight screws below the wallet to show how the aluminum front plate is attached.

The Ekster Wallet for AirTag has the best leather quality, especially when you consider it's cut into a timeless long wallet design. The premium American hide the wallet is made out of makes the Ekster our top formal wallet pick too, as the material and the shape allow it to store quite nicely in the dinner jacket or long coat.

Like traditional wallets, AirTag wallets are deceptively simple. Almost every model we researched features either a slim, front-pocket-friendly design or a traditional bifold form factor, plus a small, dedicated pocket for an Apple AirTag. There isn’t much more to them. But, your personal style, preferred mode of carry (or “EDC”), and budget all make a difference in finding the right AirTag wallet for you. Here are a few design notes you can look for.

Layout: Slim wallets feature a streamlined, minimalist design that’s best for front-pocket carry. For a roomier, more traditional wallet “layout,” opt for a bifold wallet.

Capacity: The slimmest wallets (like Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet) hold just two or three cards, while the largest are roomy enough for nearly a dozen. Make sure the AirTag wallet you choose is large enough for your needs.

Material: All of the above wallets are available in genuine leather, faux leather, or both. Of course, genuine leather looks better and typically lasts longer but is more expensive. Faux leather tends to look “cheap,” but is almost always cheaper too.

Security: Most of the AirTag wallets we found feature some form of RFID-blocking to keep your RFID-enabled cards as safe as possible.

John Thompson is the Senior Gear and Commerce Editor at Men’s Health, where he covers fashion, grooming, gear, and technology. He was previously the Style & Gear Editor at, and a commerce writer for His interests include attending concerts, spending time outside, and following his favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals. 

Mike Richard has traveled the world since 2008. He's kayaked in Antarctica, tracked endangered African wild dogs in South Africa, and survived a near-miss great white shark attack in Mexico. His travel advice has appeared on the websites for Forbes, Travel + Leisure, CNET, and National Geographic. He loves the great outdoors and good bourbon, and (usually) calls Tulsa, Oklahoma home. Mike also enjoys speaking in the third person. 

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11 Best AirTag Wallets in 2024 for Tracking Cash and Cards

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