Antenova releases L1 GNSS ceramic antenna - GPS World

Antenova, a UK-based manufacturer of IoT (Internet of Things) antennas and GNSS modules, has released the Admotus antenna, the latest addition to its product line of ceramic antennas.

The Admotus is a surface-mount ceramic antenna designed for connectivity on L1 GNSS signals on all constellations, including GPS-L1 at 1575.42 MHz; GLONASS L1, 1602MHz; Galileo L1, 1575.42 MHz; BeiDou (B1); and QZSS. The compact antenna offers comparable performance to a small patch antenna on a small ground plane. Circuit Board Assembly

Antenova releases L1 GNSS ceramic antenna - GPS World

The ceramic antenna has an ultra-low profile measuring a mere 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.5mm, requires 7.0 x 15mm clearance area and offers improved performance on small PCB sizes.

It offers a peak gain of 0.9dBi with an average gain of –2.6dB and offers maximum return loss of –11.5dB and a maximum VSWR 1.8:1. A companion evaluation PCB is also available for internal analysis.

The Admotus ceramic antenna is suitable for all GNSS positioning applications in the L1 band (1559 – 1609 MHz) such as wearable devices for fitness and medical monitoring, small portable tracking devices used to track keys, pets, bikes, UAVs, agricultural robotics and telematics devices.

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Antenova releases L1 GNSS ceramic antenna - GPS World

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