Pop paedo Gary Glitter's son hopes to finally meet his dad after prison release - Daily Star

The son of notorious paedo Gary Glitter says he is excited to be reunited with his father and supposedly believes his conviction was false and that he never committed the crimes

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Pop paedo Gary Glitter

The son of Gary Glitter says his dad is starting a new life and is hoping to meet him now he is released from prison.

After being convicted in 2015 for attempted rape, four counts of indecent assault and one count of having sex with a girl under 13, Glitter got 16 years in jail.

He has been released this month after serving half of his sentence and his son seems to want to reunite with him.

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Speaking to the MailOnline, Gary Pantoja Sosa, Glitter’s son, says they have kept in regular contact over the phone while his dad has been in prison. They both hope to settle in the same country, but somewhere remote without disturbance.

Known as Gary Jr, he lives in Gran Canaria, Spain, where he works as a tattoo artist.

He said: “I have never met my father in person, because that has never been possible, but we speak on the phone all the time.”

Gary Jr recounts their phone calls and frequent contact with positivity and fondness, claiming that Gary Glitter was always in a positive state of mind and sounded upbeat when he spoke to him.

He added: “I never get the impression that he is depressed. I hope we will get to meet each other finally.”

Despite the crimes of Gary Glitter, his son seems forgiving of what he’s done.

“My dream is that we will live in the same country. I don't know how we will make that happen, but we have talked about it, and it's possible I will live with my father.

“I know it is dangerous for him in Britain, as there is so much hatred towards him, so we will need to keep a low profile and stay somewhere out of the way.

“I feel in my heart we will see each other soon.”

In fact, Gary Jr says he refused to accept his father is guilty of abusing children and believes the sentence was a conspiracy. He also revealed that he supported his mother from behind bars.

He said: “I want to be a singer one day and make my money from music just like my dad.

“I guess I have inherited some of his talent. I am also a big fan of pop music and Michael Jackson.

“My father is always encouraging me and saying that I should not let fear hold me back. He says I need to be confident and follow my dreams.”

Gary Glitter is currently in the bail hostel following his release from HMP The Verne in Portland, Dorset after serving just half of his sentence. He will be electronically tagged and taken for frequent lie detector tests.

It has been revealed that he is allowed to leave the country once he leaves the hostel.

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Pop paedo Gary Glitter

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