The 8 Best Press-On Nail Sets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

The Static Nails press-on nails set is a cut above the rest

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The 8 Best Press-On Nail Sets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Getting your nails done is a luxury to be sure — but you don’t have to go to the salon for high-quality tips that would make a Kardashian look twice. Press-on nails bring the spa home to you with a range of lengths, colors, and styles that are easy to apply, wear, and remove.

“It’s really about shape and style and what you’re looking for in art,” celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein tells PEOPLE. With her work donning the perfectly manicured hands of clients like Beyoncé, JLo, and Gigi Hadid, Gerstein knows how the right set of nails can make or break a look. But when you’re on the go, a quick option is always preferable. “When you don’t have the time to sit for extravagant nail art (or the money), press-ons are a great option,” Gerstein says.

Our team spent the day trying on 13 of the most popular nail sets so you don’t have to. We examined ease of application, overall look, strength of adhesive, and wear, and narrowed the list down to eight top performers.

Keep reading to learn more about the best press-on nails, straight from the PEOPLE Tested lab and our editors' homes.

They were easy to apply due to the straightforward design.

The nails held firm, even while doing household tasks.

They were quick and easy to remove.

The glue was a little messy during the application.

The Static Nails press-on set proved to be a favorite for its simple application, whimsical design, and durability (even after testing ended!). Our team liked the natural and classy look of the nails, as well as the shape and size of each nail. A bit of a Goldilocks nail — this set wasn’t too long or short, too round or square — it was just right. 

These nails earned a near-perfect score for application and overall look, meaning we thought the quality replicated what you’d find at a salon with the ease of home application. And these nails held their own even after testing was complete. We wore these nails for over a week, doing household tasks like laundry and washing the dishes, and only one nail popped off during that time. That’s like running a marathon in stilettos and only scuffing one rather than breaking a heel; not too shabby.

To remove, we opted not to soak the nails but rather just peel them off — which took about 15 minutes. Our only complaint was the glue, which sometimes stuck on the top of the nail and made the application slightly messy (though simple to accomplish!). 

Overall, we believe any of the Static Nails press-on nail sets are an ideal option for at-home manicures because they offer a variety of sleek designs, shapes/sizes, are easy to apply and remove, and are long-lasting. 

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: Yes (up to 18 days or 6 times for shorter wear) | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes, shapes, and colors | Finish: Varies | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Dual-sided file/buffer, glue

They feel lightweight on your fingertips, but they maintain a strong adhesive.

It comes with all the tools you’ll need, so the set is easy to prep and apply.

They aren’t reusable, so once they fall off, that’s it.

Earning a perfect score in every test we ran, the Dashing Diva nails are lightweight on your fingers but durable enough to last. These nails were easy to prep and had a strong adhesive that kept them in place. They didn’t falter after repeated hand-washing and lightly bending the edge of the nail to test the adhesive. We loved the look and felt they were comparable to salon-quality nails. The glossy finish was also a hit with our PEOPLE editorial team — so much so that deputy beauty editor Jackie Fields chose this press-on nail brand as her favorite recent beauty launch in our summer PEOPLE StyleWatch issue.

The only slight inconvenience is that these nails aren’t reusable, so once they fall off, they can’t simply be reapplied. However, the set comes with 30 nails in 12 sizes, a prep pad, a nail file, and a wooden manicure stick to help with the application. Given the price (and ease of replacement!), we think these nails are a solid choice for those on a budget who want salon-quality nails at a reasonable price.

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: No | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes, shapes, and colors | Finish: Shiny | Adhesive: Pre-glued adhesive nail tab | Included Tools: Prep pad, nail file, wooden stick

This comes as a set with grooming tools, a removal kit, and a pouch to keep everything organized.

The nails are sturdy and made from recycled materials.

The glue application was messy.

For a little extra oomph on your nails, look to Olive & June The Press-On System. Going above a single set of nails, this kit provides high-quality press-on nails, a host of nail grooming tools and serums, a removal kit, and a pouch to keep it all organized. We loved the design and sheen of these nails, as well as the sturdy material, which is made from 94 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

With top scores in most of our tests, this set of nails survived the sink test and remained in place after our team washed their hands three times. We chose to soak our nails when we were ready to remove them, and the process took about 25 to 30 minutes.

The only hiccup was the glue involved in the application process — which created a bit of a mess. We only struggled to apply one out of 10 nails, and the others adhered easily. We think this set is a great choice for people who want to create high-quality manicures at home. And for those who want the quality of O&J nails without the extra tools, you can buy a single pack of nails at retailers like Target for less.

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: Yes | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes, shapes, and colors | Finish: Varies | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Pouch, glue, nail clipper, file, buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle serum, nail strengthener, removal kit

They are completely damage-free and long-lasting.

The nails come in a variety of fun patterns and designs.

They stayed on after multiple rounds of washing with hot water — and even after the shower.

The standard size doesn't fit as well as the custom.

One of the trickiest parts of press-on nails is ensuring you don’t damage your nails in the process, and these nails from ManiMe ensure an easy application and removal. Despite being stick-ons (no glue needed) these nails hold up surprisingly well against water and everyday use. They stayed on after multiple rounds of washing with hot water and even after the shower, our team observed. To remove them, you should soak them in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes before peeling them off. Acetone works to remove any residue as well.

The only flaw we could find is when you buy the sample sizes, they are harder to apply for a perfect fit. While our testing team used the sample sizes, the custom option fits much more seamlessly. All you have to do is send in a photo of your nails and the press-ons are 3-D-printed to match. You can also modify the fit with nail clippers and seal with a top coat for a glossy finish.

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: No | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes, shapes, and colors | Finish: Varies, some matte, some glossy | Adhesive: Pre-glued adhesive gel on each nail | Included Tools: Prep pad, nail file, wood stick

They come in an array of whimsical designs and bold colors.

Despite thorough hand washing, these nails stayed in place.

They are easy to apply and have a seamless look.

They aren't reusable; however, the price reflects one-time use.

With more than 30 different press-on nail designs in an assortment of bold and brilliant colors, PaintLab has a nail set for each taste preference. Our team found these nails to be simple to apply and a nice look perfect for date nights and days spent with friends.

In addition to application and looks, this nail set also received a perfect score in our strength of adhesive test. After thorough hand washing, these talons did not come off. Despite the top-notch fusion, you can remove these nails by soaking them in warm soapy water and using the included wooden nail stick to peel them off from the side (removing any glue residue as well).

While these nails are highly durable and you can enjoy them for a few weeks, alas, they are not reusable. So, once you peel them off (or they fall off!) that’s the end of the road. However, given the low price, and wide availability, you can get another pair in no time at all! Overall, this is a dazzling press-on nail brand with design options for every mood, preference, and whim.

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: No | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes, shapes, and colors | Finish: Varies, some matte, some glossy | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Dual-sided nail file & buffer, wooden cuticle stick, nail glue

They are easy to apply and reapply — just clean them off and reapply the glue.

They stayed on for two weeks with ease.

They aren't the easiest to remove, so may be ideal for a longer trip.

Glue residue may get on your skin during application, but it comes off easily.

Our team loved how easy these nails were to apply. You match up the sizes, apply glue to the press-on and your nail, and press down to secure the nail in place. Senior commerce editor Erika Reals says she normally leans away from acrylic/fake nails from a functional standpoint, but when she used Chillhouse Nails for a few trips last summer, she was taken by surprise. “Everything you need comes in the package: 24 press-ons, dual [nail] filer/buffer, cuticle stick, and nail glue,” says Reals.

During testing, we were impressed with how well these nails did when we washed our hands — not one nail came off during the sink test. It's common to get some nail glue on your skin when applying these nails, but it comes off easily. Reals also appreciated the "on-trend designs" and how you can easily clip them to your desired length. These nails are also super durable. "Mine always last about two weeks from when applied, but after the first week, it's easier to remove (just by peeling them) if you do want to take them off," she says. Plus, if you want to reuse them a few times, you just clean them off and reapply the glue.

Damage-Free: Yes | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: Yes | Customizable: Yes, 24 nails in different sizes to find the right fit | Finish: Some matte, some glossy | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Dual-sided buffer, cuticle stick, nail glue

The nails were easy to apply and stayed in place, thanks to a strong adhesive.

They are available in customized lengths and sizes.

The set comes with everything you need, including a storage box.

The glue was a bit messy.

They were difficult to remove unless you soak the nails ahead of time.

“I've always been a DIY nail girl, and while I usually paint and glue them myself, my latest obsession has been the press-ons from Glamnetic,” says commerce writer Alyssa Brascia. Known for false lashes, Glamnetic has released several styles of press-on nails, which our team found to be user-friendly and durable. The set also includes everything you need, with the glue, file, cuticle stick, and even a storage box.

Brascia says she appreciates how these nails “ensure that you'll always get the look and length that you want at a fraction of the price.” Our team noted that the glue created a small mess during the application, and while the nails held up beautifully, they are somewhat tricky to remove — you really have to soak the nails prior. “Perfect nails at a keyboard-friendly length and a gorgeous $15 price tag? It doesn't get better than this,” says Brascia.

Damage-Free: Mostly | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: No | Customizable: Yes, multiple sizes and lengths | Finish: Glossy | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Storage box, nail glue, double-sided nail file, cuticle stick, alcohol pad

Each set comes in a portable packet with tools.

They feature pretty designs with recycled plastic packaging.

They are durable, long-lasting nails.

The sizing was a little off.

There was some glue residue after removing the nails, but it came off after soaking them in acetone.

If you like to bring your nail options on the go, the sets from small business Quickies are perfect for travel (and super user-friendly). Senior commerce writer Madison Yauger says, “I tried a few of these sets and I really appreciated the individually packaged nails. Each packet comes with 24 nails in a variety of sizes, a mini glue applicator, and a tiny nail file.” She met a slight challenge with the sizing because she has really narrow nails, but she was able to find options that fit well and reasonably well to complete the manicure.

They are super easy to apply (Yauger rarely if ever applies fake nails, but got these on in less than 5 minutes), and they held up at home testing against the same measures tested in the lab — surviving a rigorous hand washing, and not being too difficult to remove. That said these are definitely long-lasting if you want them to be. 

“I had to soak my nails in warm soapy water for about seven minutes and then use a cuticle tool to gently push against the edges until each nail popped off,” says Yauger. “There was some glue residue after, so I continued soaking my nails for a few more minutes and then buffed them out. You could see a little of the glue leftover, but it all came off within a day after soaking my nails in acetone.” There’s also a good inventory of designs, lengths, and sizes for a more customized experience. 

Damage-Free: Mostly | Waterproof: Yes | Reusable: Yes | Customizable: Yes, different lengths, sizes, and designs | Finish: Glossy | Adhesive: Glue | Included Tools: Nail file, glue

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure Press-On Nails Kit: If you want to give press-on nails a try without spending more than $10, we’d suggest this classic Sally Hansen set at Amazon. These press-on nails come in five different colors that you can choose from as a set. Once you’ve selected your set, there are 24 nails in each, so you can find the right fit. You can either apply these nails with the included adhesive tabs or with nail glue — whichever you find easier.

KISS imPRESS Color Press-On Nails: For those looking for an assortment of color options, this set from KISS imPRESS has 15 bold colors to choose from — including a Taylor Swift red, ballet pink, and sophisticated navy. Thirty-three nails come in every set so you can find the right fit for each of your nails. This set comes with an adhesive tab on each nail, so you simply peel off the backing and press the nail on.

If you’re someone who’s always got their hands in something — be it dish or laundry detergent while washing dishes and clothes, or playing in the dirt in your garden — the durability and the longevity of your press-on nails should play a factor. Durability generally has to do with the strength of the adhesive (either glue or a sticker backing!) and the material of the nail itself. For instance, a sticker nail won’t last as long as a thicker nail applied with glue. Our pick from Chillhouse Nails lasted for two weeks while our senior commerce editor was traveling, so we’d support the claim that these nails are quite durable.

One of the best perks of press-on nails is that they generally cause less damage to your nails than acrylics, gel, or powder manicures, which is what we love about the ManiMe Press-On Gels. That’s because most of these nails can peel off after soaking them for about 15 minutes in warm soapy water and using a small wooden tool to lift the edge. Mind you, take caution when showering for the same reason — the hot water can loosen the adhesive. Hack: To remove excess glue, wrap an acetone-soaked cotton round around your fingertip for 20 minutes (using tin foil or something to keep it in place). The glue dissolves easily and then you can wash your hands and go about your day.

When considering what kind of press-on nails will be the best fit, shape, and length should not be forgotten. If you're going for stylish talons, you might prefer stiletto or ballerina-shaped nails, whereas a shorter rounded or square nail might be best for those doing more work with their hands. Gerstein says press-on nails "also make great blank canvases for DIY nail art," so if you're feeling crafty, you might want a longer nail to create more space. If you aren't sure which style is best for you, get inspired by Hailey Bieber's trendy looks.

Gerstein shared a few techniques that help with applying and removing press-on nails. "Like any manicure, pushing back cuticles and making sure the nail is free of oil, lint, and dust is important," she says. "Always swipe with alcohol and let nails dry before applying tabs/glue. Tabs are for temporary wear, [and] glue, if applied correctly, can get up to 2.5 weeks of wear." As far as removal goes, Gerstein suggests clipping the press-on down to the size of your natural nail and soaking it in acetone for 10 minutes.

Our team enjoyed a day of grooming and manicures trying out 13 sets of press-on nails in our testing lab. For each set of nails, we considered the ease of application, overall look, and strength of adhesive (as well as length of wear in a few cases).

Depending on the quality of the nails and adhesive, most press-on nails last from one to two weeks. The time will vary depending on how much you use (and abuse!) your nails.

Press-on nails are a great alternative to more damaging options like gels and acrylics. The removal process is much easier on your nails, and since they only stay on for a couple of weeks, they are less likely to cause any issues. Additionally, regular use of cuticle oil will not only nourish your nails but also promote better adhesion to nail products.

Many press-on nails can be removed by simply soaking your hands for 15 to 30 minutes in warm, soapy water. Any remaining residue from the adhesive can be removed with an acetone nail polish remover, which may be used to remove gel and acrylic manicures.

Make sure your nails are clean, dry, and free of nail polish. Push back your cuticles and wipe each nail with cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue. Make sure your nails are dry and buff each one so the press-ons have a smooth surface to adhere to.

Madison Yauger is a senior commerce writer for PEOPLE who’s tested hundreds of lifestyle products across all categories. With a background in news and lifestyle journalism, she has a wide network of expert sources. For this story, she spoke to a celebrity nail artist in addition to heavily researching the market of press-on nails and using lab-tested insights such as ease of application, durability, and more to determine which press-on nails figuratively popped off versus those that literally did.

Elle Gerstein is an NYC-based celebrity nail artist who's worked with the likes of Natasha Lyonne, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, and Blake Lively.

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The 8 Best Press-On Nail Sets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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