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Water damage can mean extensive repairs and every second counts when dealing with a water crisis. The first thing you need to know in an emergency is where to find, and how to shut off, your home’s main water valve.

Where might you find your water valve? It can be in several different areas, but most likely is located close to where the water meter comes into the home. This could be in a basement, crawl space or furnace room that leads to an outside wall. Locate and follow the line to your water meter until you see the water shut-off valve. Turn the valve clockwise to stop the flow of water.  Wifi Smart Valve Controller

Tag and test water shut-off valve to ensure home safety | YourHub

To help minimize potential water damage, Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric recommends that a technician tests and tags your shut-off valve. Tagging the valve makes it easy to identify an emergency. Applewood also recommends calling a licensed plumber to do a safety check, and testing of the shut-off valve to ensure it is working properly. Once this is done, opening and closing plumbing valves a couple of times a year will prevent minerals and rust from building up on the valve seat so that it continues to operate efficiently.

Cold temperatures aren’t the only time you might have to worry about potential water emergencies. Another safety precaution is to turn off your water during vacations or extended stays away from the home. Monitoring your home temperature and turning off your water at these times is the best way to avoid serious water damage in the event of a plumbing failure while you are away. Other times that may require accessing your shut off valve include excessive rain or buildup of snow causing drainage issues.

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Tag and test water shut-off valve to ensure home safety | YourHub

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