The Best Way To Clean High, Hard-To-Reach Windows

Cleaning the exterior of high windows is a task that often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. It's not hard to see why—it's a challenging and potentially dangerous job. The thought of balancing on a ladder while juggling cleaning tools is enough to make anyone think twice. In fact, in the USA, ladder-related accidents are far from rare. Statistics paint a sobering picture, with approximately 500,000 injuries and as many as 300 deaths reported each year due to falls from ladders, according to the American Latter Institute. This risk factor makes many homeowners hesitant to tackle their high windows. However, it's not all doom and gloom in the world of window cleaning. Modern technology has provided safer, more efficient solutions to this age-old problem. Today, tools like telescopic water-fed cleaning poles and magnetic cleaners have revolutionized window cleaning, making it safer, more accessible, and easier to get streak-free windows when cleaning.

Before delving into the specifics of these innovative tools, it's important to recognize the role of safety and preparation in window cleaning. Ensuring a safe environment is crucial. You'll need to secure the area beneath the windows, keep pets and children at a safe distance, and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid accidental damage. Also, consider the weather conditions before starting; windy or wet weather can add unnecessary risks to an already challenging task. Oval Carbon Fiber Tube

The Best Way To Clean High, Hard-To-Reach Windows

Telescopic water-fed cleaning poles are a revelation when tackling those high, hard-to-reach windows. Picture a long, extendable pole made of lightweight yet sturdy materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. At one end is a brush, and at the other, a hose connects to a water source. For a truly spotless finish, the water usually goes through a purification process, often involving deionization. This means that when you rinse the window, it dries to a sparkling, streak-free shine without the need for any additional wiping or squeegeeing. What makes these poles a favorite among many is their adjustability. They can extend to various lengths. This adjustability means you can clean all your high windows from the safety of the ground, with no risky climbing required. Plus, the water-fed system simplifies the task, eliminating the need for constantly applying and rinsing off the soap.

Several brands have made a name for themselves in this market. Gardiner, Unger, and Ettore, for example, offer a range of high-quality telescopic poles with varying features to suit different needs and window heights. Using a telescopic, water-fed pole is pretty straightforward. You connect it to your water source, extend the pole to the required height, and start scrubbing those windows. The brush head gently agitates dirt and grime while the water washes it away.

Magnetic window cleaners use the power of magnets to make cleaning both sides of a window a breeze. Imagine two powerful magnetic pieces: one goes on the inside of the window and the other on the outside. They cling to each other through the glass, moving in tandem. As you guide the inside cleaner across your window, the outside piece follows — effectively cleaning both sides of the glass. It's almost like having a cleaning partner on the other side of the window, mirroring your every move. These cleaners are designed with different windows in mind, so make sure you choose the right one for yours. They often feature squeegees or cloths, providing a streak-free finish. Plus, their design ensures that the outside piece won't just fall off — a relief for anyone worrying about dropping tools from a height.

The Best Way To Clean High, Hard-To-Reach Windows

Carbon Fiber Pipe Price Some popular magnetic window cleaner brands include Tyroler and Windex. Each brand offers various models, some suited for single-glazed windows and others for double-glazed windows. Using magnetic cleaners is quite simple but does require a bit of technique. First, apply a cleaning solution to both sides of the window. Then, place the magnetic cleaner on the inside of the window and align its counterpart on the outside. The strong magnets will snap together through the glass. Once attached, you glide the cleaner across the window, and the outside piece follows, scrubbing and squeegeeing as it goes. Move slowly and steadily to maintain control and ensure a thorough cleaning.