Romy of the xx drops the deeply personal 'Enjoy Your Life' and its music video, featuring the moving advice and a sound sample from Beverly Glenn-Copeland's 'La Vita'

Romy Madley Croft, well known as Romy of the English indie pop band The xx, has released a new music video for her single 'Enjoy You Life.' Metal Umbrella Base

Romy of The xx's 'Enjoy Your Life' drops with a new music video | Hotpress

It's her first single since she dropped 'Strong' in 2022. The video, directed by Vic Lentaigne, Romy's film-making and photographer wife, is a montage of picturesque and lively, enjoyable moments.

Aptly, the song features a sample from Beverly Glenn-Copeland's song 'La Vita:' "My mother says enjoy your life." In an Instagram post, Romy discloses that it's a line that deeply resonated with her, leaving her speechless.

"Those few words felt like the most simple and disarming sentence. Ever since I was 11, I've been aware of and drawn to the phrase, life is short. I've felt inspired by people who I've seen react to this by trying to see the positives in life, even when things are going wrong and times are hard."

Romy continued on to share a heartfelt message about the meaning behind the single.

"As much as I'd love to naturally be one of those people, I'm not always able to do this myself and often get in my own head and my own way, so sometimes a reminder goes a long way."

"Glenn's lyrics were a direct connection to what had been a very quiet private thought. It resonated especially deeply as it is because of my mum passing away when I was 11, that this perspective on living life was even a part of me."

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"I hope this song celebrates and shares the words that Glenn said so beautifully and my reaction to it and hopefully uplifts a dance floor along the way. I hope you know I would never want to tell anyone hot to feel or to pretend to fell good when they don't, I know how it feels or to pretend to feel good when they don't, I know how that feels."

Romy proceeded to thank Glenn for allowing her to use the sample taken from Primal Prayer's 'La Vita' and credit Oby Onyioha's 'Enjoy Your Life' for another sample.

Her powerful, resonating single that encourages you to live life to the fullest is out now and available on streaming platforms.

Romy of The xx's 'Enjoy Your Life' drops with a new music video | Hotpress

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